Some people always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Others had a hard time making up their minds. When David Leifeste came of age, he found himself torn between three callings: the ministry, counseling and entertainment. Ultimately, David chose counseling as his day job. But he draws on all three fields to inspire audience members to find and follow their own callings.

Among David’s many program topics are:

Becoming Fully Alive!
“Becoming Fully Alive,” based on David’s book and audiotapes of the same name, shows participants how to get out from under stress overload and work toward achieving their full potential.

I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK, But That’s OK
Sometimes, the truth just isn’t pretty. Especially when the truth is about us. During this program, audience members face up to pain and dysfunction and go beyond “okayness” to true self-acceptance.

Mapping Your Route to Success
It’s easy to let the big picture get lost in life’s little details. David gives participants the time, guidance and tools they need to make a real-life “map” of what they want from life’s journey and shows how they can best maneuver to get there.

David can present these topics in your choice of keynote or workshop format.