When people find David Leifeste, they’re often exhausted from an ambiguous and relentless sense of emptiness and longing. They’re unable to escape feelings they can’t define while they chase a solution they can’t identify. They’ve searched for comfort on their own – usually in addictions and vices – and found themselves further from their goal than when their search began. They’re defeated, and they know they can’t continue in their same trajectory and expect change. This is the sweet spot. It’s from this condition David is able to help people rebuild, redefine, and rediscover a life worth the trouble of living.

In simple terms, David maintains relationships that enable him to be a catalyst for change. It’s through these genuine connections his clients say they learn to approach life differently, they realize ways to live more meaningfully, they find a life filled with the thing they’ve been missing: possibility. This is what it means to discover insights that expand possibilities. This isn’t a sermon on joy, it’s a discovery.

It’s a process, and it can happen many different ways: weekly meetings at David’s office, a client home or an office visit, or anonymous email conversations. Contact David today for more information or to set up a meeting.